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Winch Outs and Roll Back Service

Winch-out facilities are used to get the vehicle back out of snow, ditches, water, mud or something like that on the lane. It is a machine composed of a heavy-duty wire rope or a strong thread stretched across a stable drum and fastened to its unusual end by a hook. It encircles the wire around it, dragging it and everything tied to the hook as the drum twirls.

When you need your car on the floor of the towing truck, rollback facilities are used. Moving back trucks pull the whole vehicle on their floor, which is then placed there and transported to large distances, unlike in wreckers where two tires on the vehicle stay on the surface.

24 Hr Roll Back and Winch Out Service in Louisville, KY:

Louisville Towing Pros offers top-rated emergency winch outs and roll back Service in Louisville, KY. Having a large range of light and heavy-duty Roll Back Trucks and assistance crew, the towing company responds to emergency Winch Out requests in the shortest possible time. We have a team of professional and certified drivers who make sure that your emergency winch out requests are completed on time. If you need roadside help in Louisville, KY, simply call at (502) 563-8600

Why Should You Select Our Emergency Assistance Service?

Money or popularity, we don’t run after it. Small things matter to us. In good bonding, we believe. We never say no to someone out there, and try to be some form of support. We are still there to provide you with the highest performance and guide you. These little endeavors help us stand out from the audience.

We Have the Facilities, Capacity, and Dedication

As we have the right equipment for the correct job, we are different from our rivals. We have a large fleet of tow trucks for light duty and heavy duty. Advanced wreckers are also included in our fleet, including top quality roll back vans. On top of it now, our expertise and insight encourages us to choose the best tools for the appropriate work.

Our idea of helping inspires us to say yes to every situation and empowers us to help struggling individuals out there. Whenever convenient, we are merely a call away.

We Only Send Expert Tow Truck Drivers for Winch Outs

We know that winching out can be a sensitive operation. Furthermore, when you need a winch-out operation, we only send expert technical assistants. Our skilled workers are also trained to handle transporter vehicles transporting critical and delicate materials.

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