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What Exactly Is
Auto Towing?

Auto Towing is in general terms, a service that uses a tow truck or auto wrecker to help tow damaged, unresponsive, wrecked or stuck auto mobile devices. When a car faces an accident or breaks down on the road, this service is used. To pull the broken vehicles to the next mechanical station or wreck yard, a tow truck that is equipped with a mechanical device for lifting and pulling vehicles, is used.

Auto Pulling in Louisville, KY:

Louisville Towing Pros is the top rated 24 hours emergency auto pulling service in Louisville, KY. Equipped with a fleet of light to medium sized tow trucks and auto wreckers, the company respond to drivers in distress at light speed. We have expert tow truck drivers and wrecker drivers who ensure the safety of your automobiles while towing. If you need auto towing in Louisville, KY, simply call at (502) 563-8600

Why Choose Louisville Towing Pros for Auto Towing Services?

The benefits of utilizing us are various. We are operational all over the clock, we provide comfortable and secure towing, but most of all, we tow all models of towing vehicles.

We Provide 24 Hour Emergency Towing Services

If it was a gas refueling service or the vehicle was floating off the lane. You don’t need to think, our auto towing service is ready for your assistance 24/7. We’ll do our utmost to support you when you reach out to us. We’re just a call away.

We save your time and money

We understand the street map and they know the directions and pathways to reach you in no time, and the big benefit is the use of GPA, which provides the quickest and cheapest ETA.

Safety of your Automobiles is Ensured

Your vehicles are still safe with Louisville Towing Pros. Our experienced drivers have a track history of road safety, and with extreme caution, we tow your vehicles so that they do not have to face any more harm.

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